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How to Get Started

How to start creating your first infographic

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Get started in 4 easy steps:

  1. Pick a template or a sample from your infographic gallery

  2. Upload or type your text 

  3. Choose icons that clarify your text

  4. Pick a color scheme

Now you can download and share your infographic or make it into a presentation.

Picking a template

The easiest way to start an infographic is to pick a template in your dashboard and start editing it. If you prefer a blank template, you can click the plus button.

Uploading or typing your text 

After you pick a template, you can easily put in the text of your infographic by clicking "Upload all text" on the lower left. The text should be written as a list with each point starting on a new line.

You can also type and edit text in individual text fields on the left.

Choosing Icons

You can find an icons to match your text by searching using keywords or browsing by category. Learn more about finding icons.

Picking a color scheme

Pick a color scheme in the Design tab. You can customize them by clicking on individual color patches. All color schemes are applied with one click. Learn more about choosing the right color scheme.

If you are looking for examples of infographics you can create, check out

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