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Deleting an account

How to delete your Adioma account

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You can delete your account by contacting us at support [at] We will reply once the account is deleted which is usually within 24 hours.

Deleting an account means that:

  1. All the infographics you have created will be permanently deleted. 

  2. If you published infographics by embedding them into your website, those embeds will stop working.

  3. Your username, the graphic assets you uploaded, and all your personal information will also be deleted from our servers.

  4. Deletion cannot be undone

If you published your infographics while using Adioma, their text might still appear in Google search results. To remove your previously published infographics from Google, you can use this tool.

Since your username will no longer be assigned to you, someone else might choose the same username in the future.

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