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Registering for a free trial

Trying Adioma for free and money back guarantee

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You can try Adioma for free at no risk to you under our 7-day money back guarantee. Within 7 days of purchase, you can test our service and see if Adioma brings you more value than the price you pay.ย 

If you are not 100% happy with it, you can get your money back, no questions asked.
Just drop us a note and say you'd like a refund. And by the way, if you unsubscribe and want to come back, we'll store all the infographics you've made. So you can just come back and start where you left off.

How to get a free trial of Adioma

1. Go to our pricing page at

The pricing page looks like this.

2. Choose between the Pro or the Expert subscription

The Pro or the Expert monthly subscriptions come with a trial. The Business subscription does not have a trial period. It is a good option for organizations because it offers multiple seats under one account. The annual subscriptions also do not have a trial period because their price is discounted.

3. Click on Try Free and fill out the card information form

When you click on "Try Free" a pop-up window will ask for your card information. Do not worry, you will not be billed. We ask for the card information to prevent the creation of spam or bot accounts.

4. Choose your payment method

Choose between a credit or debit card, Paypal or Amazon Payments.

5. Choose your password

Once you save your payment details, you will see the password screen.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link. When you click the link you will verify your email address and finish the registration of your account. A reminder to verify your email will be shown on your account page.

Now you are all set to try Adioma for 7 days. Before we renew your subscription, you will receive a trial reminder.

And if you would like any help with infographics while you are trying Adioma, please do contact us.

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