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Linking to a specific place
Linking to a specific place

How to link to a specific place on a webpage from inside your infographic using anchor links

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 You can find them at the end of the URL they have a hash sign #. For example:

Anchor links can be helpful when you want to bring a reader from a specific point on your infographic to a specific spot on your article.

Anchored links are most useful for enhancing user experience. By loading the most relevant content on the infographic right upon click, you provide the readers with immediate access to the content they are seeking. 

Anchored links have two SEO benefits:  

  • The keyword used as the anchor is considered by the web spider much like the anchor text is. It is a much lesser indicator of relevance, but taken into account nonetheless. 

  • For longer or more complex pages, search engines frequently create direct links to the anchored locations. 

You need to embed an infographic if you want to see clickable anchor links on your blog. Find out how to embed infographics. 

How to create anchor links?

Step 1.  In the infographic, determine where you want the link (the anchor link) to be. Also, specify a destination of the link (the anchor destination).

Step 2. Next you will need to add HTML code, using the <a> tag to create the destination. The anchor destination will use the following format: <span id="anchor1">Anchor Destination</span>. You can also use “name” instead if “id”.

Step 3. Create a link to the destination. The link must have the following format:

Step 4. Add the link to point in the infographic.

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